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Reiki Master, Reiki Attunement Workshops

Hi I’m Donna, I am a Reiki Master who is passionate about helping people through emotional and physical issues in their lives. Universal energy is both powerful and subtle and holds the key to our 

self-healing journey. I have explored how to tap into this energy to assist clients through their healing sessions. I also conduct Reiki attunement classes and various spiritual workshops to assist those who want to empower themselves and embrace their spiritual path.

Healing sessions are conducted from Kurmond - Sydney West

Please call text or email for appointment

 0425 262 929

Reiki Master

Reiki helps to balance any energy imbalances in the body, mind & spirit – it is an energy therapy. Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain, and in time these energy blocks can cause illness. Regular sessions can assist with these energy blockages and help with issues such as: anxiety, any negative emotions, depression, physical conditions, pain, personal & spiritual growth and much more. Prices: Reiki session from $40 

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