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Intuitive Oracle Card Reader

Hi my name is Lisa and I am a intuitive oracle card reader. Finding Reiki has been a huge blessing and I am forever grateful that I am able to heal. This has also enhanced my Psychic abilities as I now receive messages, see images/visions/colors and hear names etc. I am constantly learning and with experience my psychic abilities are becoming stronger. I now do Oracle Card readings and I also bring my healing into readings as I pick up on peoples energies whilst reading for them. I use the cards as a tool to connect with spirit. I love people and am a people person and being able to help them with intuitive guidance makes me so very happy. 

Readings are conducted from St Helens Park (Sth West Sydney)

Please call, text or email for appointment

0423 947 181

Chakra balancing
Intuitive readings
Crystal healing

"My father was a healer and a member of a Spiritual Church.  Being the baby of the family I was always going with my father to a

 lot of these group meetings/readings & healings. I was always told that I could heal and do psychic readings, but went on a different

 path.  I have always seen Psychic Mediums and have had many connections/messages throughout my life from spirit"

Feel Good Reiki & Readings

Feel good reiki

Looking forward to Connecting with you. 

Love & Light...Lisa

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