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International Psychic

Empath, Psychic, Life Coach

I am a natural born Empath Psychic and an experienced reader, with Clients from USA, UK and of course Australia. I have been reading professionally for over ten years, building on those strong connections.

Using the vibration of your energy, I am able to tune in and help with any life question you may have. I am sensitive to pain and stress and can sense a client's physical reactions. I can help with questions regarding relationships, specialising in love, career and money. I can also help with life coaching and spiritual planning.

My style of reading is very empathetic, I like my clients to feel safe and comfortable during my reading. My approach, although gentle, is also very direct. I like to make sure that I am giving clear and accurate messages.

Available for face to face readings, phone & online.
Readings are from Port Douglas - QLD
Please call, text or email for appointment ~ 0473 374 744

International Psychic

 Career/Work/Love/Relationships & Spiritual Healing

I love what I do and love helping others to find insight and clarity into their life. I will always strive to provide the answers you seek, while also working to empower your own energy, to remind you and help understand your own value and worth. This is also used to help define the reading and also give my client, the direction they need in their question.

I can also sense other people’s energy, this is extremely helpful for giving love and soulmate readings. This also gives my client some peace of mind regarding their loved ones.

I like to build on strong connections. Reading with me you are guarantee a laugh, a cry and a memory.

 Career/Work/Love/Relationships & Spiritual Healing
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