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Welcome to Psychic Soul Guidance Directory

Welcome to our Directory, our aim is to make a difference in our communities by spreading love

 and guidance Australia wide. Our website offers support, guidance, and healing services.  We have 

a listing of professional readers and alternative healers, with information about their services 

and their  contact details. If you wish to make an appointment please contact our members directly.

Any further assistance or general enquiries can be sent via the contact page, or facebook. 

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Mediumship, Psychic & Intuitive Readers and Healers


A medium is the bridge between the Divine and the earthly plane. Mediums have fine tuned their extra sensory perception and bring through messages from passed loved ones to their family and friends on earth. They are able to hear, see and feel thoughts, visions and voices from Spirit. They are receptive to the high frequency energy on which Spirit vibrates.

A Psychic

Being a Psychic simply means that you can perceive information that cannot be perceived through your normal senses. Psychics, have abilities that may include predicting the future, talking to spirit and locating missing people or objects. Basically, they have the ability to sense information that most other people can’t.

An Intuitive

Intuition is a gift that we all have, but some are more in tune with their intuition than others. Intuition is a process that occurs when the right side of your brain taps into subconscious information in order to provide guidance about everyday life. Being intuitive means that you can use this information to help guide yourself throughout your life. Those who have a very strong intuitive ability can help other people by providing guidance and insight to help them move forward in their lives.

A Healer

Channels through healing frequencies from the Divine to whoever they are working with in a healing session. Energy Healing has been around forever and is used to keep your body, mind and spirit in a balanced and healthy state. A Healer has the ability to see you as a whole being. They can remove any blocks (chakras) and help maintain your energy frequencies so as you can maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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