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Transference Healing

Difference between Psychic, a Medium, & an Empath

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TRANSFERENCE HEALING® for Health & Wellness

by Sue Goldsworthy March 2020 

Are you suffering from Lightbody symptoms?

Lightbody symptoms are a result of the earths transition from 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension (December 2012). Since we anchored into the fifth dimension, the human body, consciousness and reality have been undergoing radical change and transformation. By the time we completed our transition through the fourth dimension in 2012, everyone on the planet had anchored their lightbody. 

These are some examples of lightbody symptoms that Transference Healing works with:-

  • Respiratory discomfort, tightness in the lungs, asthma, flu-like symptoms, hay fever, colds, runny noses and sneezing for up to twenty four hours.

  • Inflammation or aching of bones & joints.

  • Headaches or migraines that are not alleviated by painkillers.

  • Dizziness, ringing in the ears and coordination imbalances.

  • Throat inflammation and inner ear imbalances, affecting concentration and our ability to absorb knowledge. These symptoms are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities.

  • Heart palpitations.

  • Hypersensitivity (for a full list of lightbody symptoms please visit -

What is Transference Healing®?

Transference Healing® is a seventh dimensional High frequency healing and ascension modality that is multidimensional, comprehensive and advanced. Receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions, helps you achieve and sustain a consistent level of health and wellness

How does Transference Healing® work?

Being a Teacher and Practitioner for Transference Healing® has opened my eyes to the amazing technology of this modality. Transference Healing® is unique in that it not only works with ENERGY, but also FREQUENCY. Transference Healing® combines everything I love within the metaphysical world, plus more including: - Colour & sound waves. Crystal & vibrational essences. The elements (earth, air, fire, water and ether). Alchemy symbols & planetary energies. Templates, Masters & Rays. Shamanic healing. Crystal frequencies, platonic solids, skulls and wands. Lemurian and Atlantean technologies. Lightbody and Merkabah technology. Sacred Geometry and much more

What are the benefits of receiving regular Transference Healing® sessions?

Transference Healing® is a healing of hope, light and love, enhancing spiritual awakening. All pain, lightbody symptoms and disease manifest first in the etheric body as imbalances or distortions. Transference Healing® heals the etheric body (aura or bioplasmic body) where disease first manifests. Transference Healing® works with all issues that may arise releasing fear, pain and suffering ’Transferring' you into a new and awakened state of health, happiness, freedom and opportunity. 

What are clients saying about Transference Healing®?

Probably the most common feedback I have received from clients would be: *How they are able to relax/fall asleep so easily into a healing session more than any other healing modality they’ve had before. *Their sleep patterns improve. *Levels of stress and anxiety are much improved. *Spiritual enhancement i.e. intuition, self-empowerment. *Clients that experience a lack of direction, feelings of being stuck, inability to let go, are finding peace of mind and moving forward. 

Reiki Healings
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What is the Difference Between an Intuitive, a Medium, a Psychic, an Empath and a Healer?

By Leanne McPherson March 2020

A Psychic

Being a Psychic simply means that you can perceive information that cannot be perceived through your normal senses. Psychics, also known as Clairvoyants, have abilities that may include predicting the future, talking to spirit and locating missing people or objects. Basically, they have the ability to sense information that most other people can’t.

An Intuitive

Intuition is a gift that we all have, but some are more in tune with their intuition than others. Intuition is a process that occurs when the right side of your brain taps into subconscious information in order to provide guidance about everyday life. Being intuitive means that you can use this information to help guide yourself throughout your life. Those who have a very strong intuitive ability can help other people by providing guidance and insight to help them move forward in their lives.

An Empath

Being empathic means that you can feel other people’s emotions, and even physical pain, as your own. You will often be a beacon of light to those who need to vent but in being that shoulder to cry on for people, you will often feel drained and emotional. As an empath, it’s important to protect yourself from negative energy. Grounding, white lighting and using crystals are all methods of protection against negative energy.

A Medium

A Medium is a psychic who has fine tuned their Extra Sensory Perception and in turn, this allows them to communicate with Spirit. They are able to hear, see and feel thoughts, visions and voices from Spirit. They are receptive to the high frequency energy on which Spirit vibrates.

A Healer

Energy Healing has been around forever and is used to keep your body, mind and spirit in a balanced and healthy state. A Healer has the ability to see you as a whole being. They can remove any blocks (chakras) and help maintain your energy frequencies so as you can maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Transference Healing
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By Annemarie McDonell Galdies March 2019

Reiki is an energy healing that is considered safe with no side effects. The body is more than a physical entity. Reiki focuses on all area's of the body... including mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It promotes a positive mindset and a happy lifestyle. The spiritual healing of Reiki works by channeling positive healing energy into your body. Reiki masters and practitioners work by placing their hands on the body that needs to be healed. This energy is chanelled to the area of the body and soul where it's most needed. It activates the natural healing processes of the client's etheric body and restores physical and emotional well-being

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