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Master Lightworker Practitioner ~ Metaphysical Teacher  

Reiki Master ~ EFT Tapping Practitioner  

Clinical Hypnotherapist ~ Wellpoint Hypnosis Practitioner

 I am an Holistic Therapist with more than 25 years experience in mind, body & spirit transformation. I am passionate about helping others - especially women - to live authentic, conscious lives of immense love, joy and deep connection. Inside each of us is is an abundance of resources available always to assist us in changing any unwanted life situation, to clear sabotaging beliefs and behaviours, heal all trauma and wounds, rewire our brains and to awaken us to our true essence. All of what I do, as I facilitate sacred sessions with each client, is help you to anchor more deeply into your most awakened & authentic self.

Healing sessions are conducted from Gunnedah NSW

Also available via zoom, messenger, facetime or phone

Healing is just as powerful & effective remotely as it is in person

Karen's Healing Sessions

As a trauma-informed therapist, trained in various healing modalities, I am able to help people in many different life situations. My healing sessions help you to be consciously present in your body, which ignites your body’s power and ability to restore its own health and balance. Energy Healing, EFT Tapping and Hypnosis are all very powerful tools for clearing energetic blocks, calming the nervous system and gently transforming trauma, PTSD, addictions, grief, chronic pain, 

depression, and so much more.

Being conscious and consistent with our own healing, strengthens and grows our most authentic self. We naturally become more resilient, calm, confident and joyful. Our own heart is a powerhouse of healing for us, and when we engage our heart energy - in what is known as heart coherence - we experience profound increases in harmony and order in our body, mind and emotions. 

I love co-creating gentle and joyful healing journeys

Blessings...Love & Light 

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