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Psychic Medium

Kathryn is a psychic medium and reiki healer who discovered her abilities at a young age. She works from a place of love that allows her to connect with your loved ones in spirit and pass on their messages with compassion and sincerity. Her passion for all things spiritual continues to grow and hence, she has a broad knowledge of spirituality.

Kathryn’s calm energy will immediately put you at ease, allowing you to get the most out of your reading. Her intentions come from a place of love and healing and she takes pride in giving you the best experience possible. Whether you want to hear from a passed loved one or simply want to gain some clarity and guidance, she’s here to help you. 

Available for face to face readings, phone & skype, Kathy reads from Liverpool - Sydney 

Please call or text for appointment.  0421 179 398 

face to face psychic readings sydney
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