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Psychic Medium ~ Ancient Astrology

Animal communication ~ Flower readings

Born to Scottish parents Moira is a 4th generation psychic medium. She provides readings online for many people around the globe and coaches mediums all over the world. Moira has trained with world class Mediums Tony Stockwell and Lynne Probert in England, animal communicator and teacher Helen de Vita in Ireland, at the Australian Academy Of Spirit With Debbie O. Mewes, the amazing medium Katy K and the Spiritual and psychic Academy Mastering the Modern Oracle Card, 

which Katy K is the Founder and creator of.

Available for face to face readings,  phone or online.            

 Moira reads from the Gold Coast QLD

Please call text or email for appointment

+61 498 532 040

Moira Early Years

Moira first learnt to read tea leaves and palms as a child, as her Grandmother was a very talented psychic tea leaf reader and medium. As a teenager she began to become aware of the spirit world after the passing of her step grandfather at the age of 13. 

Moira was given her first deck of tarot cards at the age of 20 and began to read psychically with her cards, psychometry, tea leaves and palms.

At 26 Moira decided to learn more and wanted to develop her medium skills. Therefore, she went to London England and studied at the Spiritual Association of Great Britain College of Psychic Studies and the Arthur Finley Spiritual college Stansted Essex England. In addition, 

Moira took on many courses at all 3 amazing learning colleges and spent 4 years in an advanced mediumship class at the 

College of Psychic Studies Kensington London.

Moira has always had an interest in astrology as well and learnt to create Astrology charts in her early 20s. Moira has now, also, gained experience in vedic astrology and ancient astrology with the amazing Krasi Attassio. It was the ancient and vedic astrology that told Moira of a very serious heart condition and Krasi Attassio confirmed this in early 2018.

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