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Nicole Elizabeth

Animal Communicator & Pet Reiki Master

Hi I am Nicole Elizabeth and I combine my skills and channel healing through God and his ultimate Divine authority. As I only work remotely, I will need you to provide basic information about your pet such as age, how long you have had your pet, their name, living or deceased, up to 5 questions/issues and a photo showing the pet’s eyes. I will need this information a few days prior to our booking so I can ensure that I have enough time to connect to your pet. Any discussion in relation to speaking with an owner over the telephone is always in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). You will need to check your time zone to ensure that we will make a connection. Appointments are not held until payment is made. I am your pet’s messenger, it’s their message. Your pet will tell me what’s important to them. Each session is unique and the animal will give me the verifiable information that you will understand. To find out more about the services I offer or to make an 

appointment, please call, text or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Animal healer

I have had owners contact me to let me know that their animal's behaviour changed straight after a reading, others see improvements over time. Often, owners have a sense of happiness after a session as it strengthens the bond between them both. Some pets feel such joy after a communication session, as their message has been heard and they start to relax and enjoy life. It is also possible that you don't see changes instantly, as it's important to point out, that animals just like us humans, have free will. Sometimes it takes the animal a little while to process the information before you see changes.  Animal communication is not mind control, its a form of communication. I can pass on your desire for your pet to change a certain behaviour, however, your pet has to be willing to comply as pets have freewill. Each session and animal are unique. My aim is to bridge the gap between human and animal and to make each reading a blessing to both of you, and that you will both have an understanding of eachother's perspective, 

which will ultimately strengthen your bond. 

Animal intuitive
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Animal readings
Animal guidance

Qualifications & Experience

I am based in Australia and have worked with hundreds of clients locally, as well as around the world. Recently I have worked with clients in multiple places in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Singapore, Spain, France and New Zealand to name a few. ​ I am listed on Penelope Smith’s world wide animal communicators’ directory (under the section titled ‘Australia’). ​

I have studied animal communication with Lillian Steiner through Arthur Findlay College, Tricia Carr and Helen DaVita. I also studied Mediumship development with world renowned psychic mediums, Cindy Kaza (Travel Channel’s 'The Holzer Files' and 'Portals to Hell') and Lisa Williams through Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development (LWISSD).

Animal healing readings
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