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Best Psychic Readings Sydney

Psychic Readings Sydney

Psychic Readings Sydney

Psychic Medium Sydney

Psychic Soul Guidance Directory is an experienced group of psychic readers, healers, and alternative therapists. All the necessary services under the one umbrella. If you are searching for psychic readings in Sydney to develop confidence in all aspects of your life, and to become a winner, we are here to support you. You can confidently contact us and knowing you are dealing with experienced readers, intuitive & spiritual counsellors and healers.

We are genuine in our intentions, passionate about our journey, and eager to share our knowledge to assist you in any way we can. Psychic readings contain many parts, we are an expert group of psychic readers to cover all of your needs. We are providing Psychic Readings services in Sydney and NSW area.

Our Strength

Psychic Readings:

Our expert psychic readers are highly experienced and passionate to do accurate psychic readings. We confidently support you all areas of psychic readings, So, visit us and enjoy our psychic readings in Sydney services. We can assure you, these are the best psychics in Sydney.

Medium Readings:

Also, we are specialized in medium readings, our medium readers can easily understand and solve your needs. Just visit us.

Tarot Readings:

We have a professional tarot readers team with 20 years’ experience. Our unique tarot readings methods are more insightful and inspiring.

Trained and Certified Healers:

You are welcome to visit our healer's profile before enjoying our services. All of our psychic readers and healers are well trained and certified. They have completed professional courses and have extensive experience. You can confidently rely on us, we provide the best psychic readings Sydney and NSW area.

Alternative Healings:


Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote health and well-being. Sometimes it’s called essential oil therapy. Some of the benefits for individual uses include Headache, migraine, anxiety, stress, Balance, Protection, Nightmares, etc.

Reiki Healings:

Reiki healing is to aid relaxation, assist in the body's natural healing process, and develop emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. It also helps to bring in deep relaxation, injuries and to help people cope with difficulties, relieve stress, and improve overall wellbeing.

Affordable Psychic Readings:

We would like to ensure psychic readings for everyone. Our psychic readings Sydney services are open for all, also we provide affordable Psychic Readings in Sydney and NSW area.

Spiritual Guidance:

Not only psychic readings, but we also provide spiritual guidance to assist in mind, body and spirit. Our highly trained and experienced healers will guide and inspire you.

Visit our site to learn more. Also, you are welcome to contact us and follow us. I hope our service will benefit you. We provide services in the greater NSW area and we are the best psychic readings in Sydney. 

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Our Latest blog entry - November 19 2020

Psychic readings and healings near me

How to use a Pendulum 

to connect with your Higher Self 

by  Sue Goldsworthy

There are many ways to help you to connect more to your Higher Self or your Angels and Spirit Guides. Through meditation, self-development techniques, workshops, and the various spiritual tools available are all great ways to help you get started. A pendulum is a great place to start to make this connection. It doesn’t take long to learn as they are just YES/NO or Maybe answers.

I remember when I first started using a pendulum, I spent hours asking questions about past lives, current situations, and about my future opportunities. I had out a world map trying to find out what country I lived in a past life. I went through various job descriptions etc. It can be a lot of fun.

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a tool that is used to connect to your higher self and ‘source’ all you need is a pendulum or a crystal on a chain. When suspended from a stationary position, a pendulum will swing back and forth or in a circular motion.

What do we mean by our ‘Higher Self’?

For those who are new to spirituality, within our physical body we have a soul or spirit. That energy, that essence of you comes from source, from spirit from the universe. Your higher self is the rest of your soul. A part of your soul comes into your body and the part that stays out of the body and connected to source,and is all knowing, not attached to any judgement. We connect to our higher self when we use the pendulum.


Before you start you will need to program your pendulum to connect to your higher self then every time you go to use it you say, ‘I am connecting to my higher self with this pendulum’ . It is important to do this as there are other energies such as earth-bound spirits or entities, that are present, or even energy from another person in the same room that can interfere with your reading.

Spend some time programing your pendulum to connect to your higher self. You could do something like holding your pendulum in your hand, and place over your heart and say ‘I ask my higher self to connect to my crystal pendulum that I am holding now. Then visualize a white light coming down from your higher self and coming into the body and coming down and out your hand and into the pendulum.

Then ask the pendulum to show you what is my YES. Hold the pendulum up and wait for it to swing. Wait and see what that movement is. (is it clockwise for YES, is it straight up and down for YES or anticlockwise for YES?) Then hold the pendulum and ask to show you what your NO is. Then ask to show your maybe (or I don’t know). The movement can be different for each individual.

Calibrating your Pendulum 

Once you know which way the pendulum swings for your YES, NO and maybe answers, spend some time asking different questions you know the answer to. For example - is my dog’s name Helena or Jenny? Am I 24 or 26 or go through the numbers until you get to the right answer.

Clearing your Pendulum

It is always a good idea to clear your pendulum of any negative energy before and after use. You can do this by putting out in the moonlight or the sun overnight or a day. Pass through sage smoke – always with intention, or sound e.g. drums, rattles etc.

Lastly, remember that a pendulum is a tool just like oracle cards, runes, a crystal ball etc. Be mindful to form a healthy

 attachment. In other words, don’t become completely dependent on your pendulum as you don’t want to ignore

your own inner guidance by relying on this tool too often.


Before doing any type of Spiritual work you are best to practice protection techniques such as visualizing white protective light surrounding you, that is coming down from the Divine and up from the earth. See this light as a barrier that no negativity can penetrate. Remember its always about your intent! 

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